Your Challenge

Taking the Pain Out of Change

Industry Challenge

The gas industry is facing increasing compliance requirements and regulatory pressure. Combine this with a plethora of existing manual field processes and you increase administrative burdens and restrictions in field operational productivity and efficiency — resulting in ever-inflating operating costs and greater risks.

Operational Challenge

Operations — responsible for fieldwork compliance — are under increasing pressure to do more work with the same or fewer resources. At the same time operations groups are often forced, from above, to use enterprise technology that does not fit field-based workflows and actually adds work. Simultaneously, operations groups — often underfunded and understaffed — must manage and maintain massive amounts of in-ground assets and a huge infrastructure. Add to these critical challenges workflow, compliance, and risk issues that ensue because more and more technicians who have deep regional infrastructure knowledge are nearing retirement age.

Corporate Challenge

There is often no structure or synergy across a company.

What if you could

  • Begin to use a solution to help you with these challenges right away?
  • Acquire enterprise data and intelligence easily, while reducing IT costs and integrating information to and from enterprise systems; not to mention improving enterprise systems with more and better data?
  • Ensure and improve compliance?
  • Decrease reporting costs?
  • Reduce risk and operating costs?
  • Improve safety?
  • Quickly adapt as regulations and operating conditions change?

AyaGuys solutions do all that and more

  • Capture and manage GPS-based field data, automatically, while you work.
  • Enable you to display and interact with your field-captured information exactly the way you want.
  • Increase visibility of useful information throughout your organization.
  • Help you make better and faster decisions using proactive intelligence.
  • Continuously audit while you work, so you know your processes are traceable, verifiable and complete.

AyaGuys helps you take the pain out of change.

Our Solutions

  • Leak Survey Management
  • Locate Request and Inspector Services
  • Right-of-Way Management
  • Cathodic Protection Management
  • In-Line Inspection Management

How can you get started with AyaGuys?

We’ll work with you to rapidly develop a pilot project that will help you improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance — with no disruption to your workflow.
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