Case Studies

Real-world scenarios of AyaWorks solutions

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Case Study: Multi-State Pipeline Operator Streamlines Operations

A natural gas company operating in multiple states and with millions of in-ground and above-ground assets needed to reassess its IMP and DIMP efforts. Read how AyaGuys solved their problems and improved their workflow.

Case Study: Pipeline Operator Streamlines Operations (PDF)

Case Study: Midwestern Pipeline Operator Compliance Audit

In response to extensive local development, the State Commission audited a major Midwestern pipeline operator. The Commission’s focus: Was the operator in compliance with required excavation monitoring procedures? Read how AyaGuys successfully supported their case for evidence-based compliance.

Case Study: Midwestern Pipeline Operator – Standby Ticket System (PDF)

Case Study: Pipeline Operator Undertakes Enormous Asset Management Overhaul

An inquiry into a fatal gas explosion determined the cause to be a corroded riser. Deeper review uncovered that corrosion developed when the riser’s cathodic protection was interrupted by the replacement of steel pipe with plastic pipe, a common practice throughout the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of potential failure points would have to be reassessed. Read how AyaGuys created a system to insure that the entire process was traceable, verifiable and complete.

Case Study: Southwestern Pipeline Operator—Cathodic Protection Management Solution (PDF)