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AyaBiz® Leak Survey Management

AyaBiz Leak Survey Management


In the wake of recent pipeline incidents, the Department of Transportation is requiring U.S. pipeline owners and operators to a conduct a comprehensive review of their oil and gas pipelines to identify areas of high risk and accelerate critical repair and replacement work of the nation’s aging pipeline infrastructure.

The Federal pipeline Integrity Management Program (IMP) regulations (part 192 of CFR49) require pipeline operators to identify and evaluate or repair and validate the integrity of gas transmission pipelines that could, in the event of a leak or failure, affect High Consequence Areas (HCAs).

AyaBiz® Leak Survey Management Solution captures line-walk and leak survey information electronically as field work is performed, improving data capture efficiency while ensuring IMP compliance and safety and preventing NOPVs. Because it’s evidence-based, the focus can shift from whether the work has occurred to work quality and performance.

AyaBiz Leak Survey comprises several key components, including:

  • 24/7 Web access provides managers a real-time view into inspection schedules, surveys, and the occurrence of key risk events in proximity to lines (such as leaks, exposures, or new structures) — anytime, anywhere. It also eliminates back-office paperwork processing and lost documents.
  • AyaBiz Leak Survey Web Portal provides a comprehensive visual representation of leak surveys focused on protecting critical infrastructure and maintaining compliance. It’s the information and workflow portal to a geo-coded asset management database. The portal provides a view into pipeline infrastructure and leak survey management workflow from scheduling through the review cycle along with the associated reports and audit data.
  • Using the AyaBiz Leak Survey Portal, supervisors can review transmission and distribution survey details (such as walk route, leaks, or other event details) with photos and field notes — quickly and collaboratively. Managers can see the actual leak survey walk route with pipeline data, as well as the pinpoint location of leaks, exposures, or new structures in proximity to lines and HCAs. This data enables early detection of potential pipeline safety risks and rapid remediation.
  • AyaBiz Leak Survey Dashboard allows supervisors to review field work statistics and technician performance metrics, then schedule re-training as necessary. A supervisor can track the total footage inspected and determine if a tech inspected both the main lines and service lines. Managers can prepare survey completion stats and outsourced inspection services cost reports easily for any time period.
  • AyaBiz Leak Survey Mobile automatically captures verifiable time and GPS-based leak survey data (such as survey walk routes, leaks, exposures, and miscellaneous maintenance orders) along with readings, photos, and field notes. AyaBiz Leak Survey Mobile gathers compliance information as the work is conducted, reducing paperwork and improving compliance reporting efforts.
  • AyaBiz GPS-Tagged Database stores GPS-tagged leak survey information enabling simple search functions that reduce audit preparation time and costs. The AyaBiz business intelligence layer automates leak survey compliance data analysis and streamlines the survey review processes.


  • Identify potential pipeline safety risks earlier with improved data capture
  • Automatically capture regulatory compliance information in the field, in real time, using satellite data
  • Display this field data — with pipeline information — on digital maps to ensure compliance
  • Automate field survey review and approval workflows
  • Access reports and business intelligence on field work performance
  • Low cost and easy to implement with no capital expense
  • Software tools provided as a service so there is no hardware or software to install
  • Tools integrate seamlessly into existing field operations, while improving operational performance and reducing costs


  • Verify work quality and performance to ensure compliance, increase safety,  and reduce the risk of property damage and NOPVs
  • Improve performance and reduce costs with tools that integrate seamlessly into existing field operations
  • Identify risks earlier through an enhanced data stream
  • Streamline field workflow by unifying data capture, quality assurance and audit into a single step
  • Remediate discrepancies and manage by execution in real time
  • Monitor and measure survey performance easily for continuous improvements and training
  • Eliminate paperwork and lost data while improving compliance reporting
  • Reduce audit preparation time and costs
  • Automatically produce IMP performance metrics

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