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AyaGuys® is a leading provider of compliance management solutions and services for oil and gas and utility companies. AyaGuys software solutions and consulting services offer a unique opportunity to ensure consumer safety and protect your infrastructure, while reducing the burden of regulatory compliance. AyaGuys can help you become more proactively knowledgeable about your processes while simultaneously reducing your overall operating costs. Our core solution is AyaBiz® — a secure, web-based, geospatially-enabled software-as-a-service delivery platform to manage and meet the requirements of standards and regulatory compliance, and optimize field operations. To improve the accuracy and quality of field captured data, AyaBiz uses third-party satellite data with geo-spatial extensions on field assets, data, and events to enhance management analytics and continually improve performance.

AyaGuys Services

  • Field Compliance Management – utilize accurate and current critical decision metrics so you can assign resources and drive and monitor standards. Field management solutions improve field work processes and data gathering including routing, tracking, storage, and retrieval.
  • Field Asset Management – make it easier for you to manage field asset operations and maintenance to ensure regulatory and standards compliance. You can rely on these services to help you evaluate information about your infrastructure from disparate data and applications.
  • Pipeline Integrity Management – assess, repair and validate the integrity of your gas pipeline network.
  • Mobile Work Force Management – capture, retain, manage, and report on verfiable time-card and GPS-based metrics so you can review and improve field work performance.
  • Geospatial Information Management – collect information from the field and integrate it with GIS and Google maps. The resulting visual displays assist in quickly locating critical information and context to enable collaboration across your organization.
  • Customized Solutions – provide robust tools tailored to your requirements, and facilitate integration of data and processes across your enterprise.

Packaged Software Solutions

  • AyaBiz Leak Survey – captures line-walk and leak survey information electronically as field work is performed, improving data capture efficiency while ensuring IMP compliance and safety and preventing NOPVs. Display actual leak survey walk routes with pipeline data, as well as the pinpoint location of leaks, exposures, or new structures in proximity to lines and HCAs. Enabes early detection of potential pipeline safety risks and rapid remediation.
  • AyaBiz Locate Request – third-party excavation damage is responsible for more significant pipeline incidents than any other cause. AyaBiz® Locate Request automates, manages, and optimizes locate request operations by electronically supervising overall locate request activities — from monitoring to patrolling. Streamlines locate request and standby workflow enabling resources to spend more time in the field where they are needed.
  • AyaBiz Right-of-Way – provides electronic supervisory oversight for ROW work-area clearing operations. It captures data electronically as field work is performed, improving data-capture efficiency and ensuring compliance. Because it’s evidence-based, the focus can shift from whether the work has occurred to work quality and performance. It also eliminates paperwork and lost documents.
  • AyaBiz Cathodic Protection – captures corrosion control and cathodic protection survey and system installation information electronically as fieldwork is performed, improving efficiency and preserving assets. Review verifiable time and GPS-based riser and spike anode details with readings, photos and field notes — quickly and collaboratively to analyze work progress. AyaBiz Cathodic Protection gathers compliance information as the work is conducted, reducing paperwork and improving compliance reporting efforts.
  • AyaBiz In-Line Inspection (ILI) Management – automatically captures and manages ILI field work, in real time, using satellite data. Visualize work area data—with pipeline condition information—on digital maps to ensure compliance and reduce costs.

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